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Yes, we understand the hard work you have established to create a brand your customer recognize and are loyal to. Our platform can be re-designed to carry your brand on the APP and Web Portal so that your customer can continue to use the brand they learned to trust. The transition is a few weeks of work of design and features you prefer love about our platform and once completed each connected devices in our platform is now accessible with your app.

Yes, it does require a minimum starting order, but we can design devices with your brand and packaged with your brand so that your customers only view the platform and devices with your brand. Our sales rep will work with you on the volume required to private label the device or devices.

All of our products are FDA and CE Approved and are currently offered and compliant with USA, Europe, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Dubai, Ireland, Australia, Korea and China regulations.

You may call our corporate office or fill out the contact form and one of our sales rep will reach out to you and answer any question you may have.