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Smart Health 1on1 Platform

Our Mobile App enables seamless connectivity to all of the connected devices that make up the Smart Health product line. Included within the App is real-time messaging, appointment scheduling, reminders, notifications, and more.

Smart Health 1on1 Mobile App is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

HME offers patients the tools to self-monitor themselves with expectations of the patient becoming engaged into their health and create the desire for lifestyle changes.

The Smart Health platform offers open APIs to the market developers enabling the industry to utilize our equipment on their own platform and not force them to use ours.


Expectations are created within the Platform and approved by both the doctor and the patient.

Expectations will push notifications

The expectations will Trigger Notifications. Good or Bad.


The patient is notified and the Doctor is copied of performances done well or poorly.

Trigger Implemenation

Notifications are designed to create self awareness of the good or bad and what needs to be Implemented (if anything) to meet or exceed the set expectations.


Implementation of changes recorded from results will engage the patient into their health.

Outcome Documented

Documented outcome from recorded health stats will formulate the future change and will keep the patient engaged.

Smart Health 1on1 Web Portal Profile

Connected Devices

New CPT Codes provide additional reimbursement opportunities for remote monitoring of patient health data

Blood Pressure

Weight Scale

Pulse Ox

ECG Watch


ECG Hand Held Monitor



Camera & Audio

Cellular BpCuff

Cellular Weight Scale