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Smart Health 1on1 Platform

Smart Health 1on1 Mobile App enables seamless connectivity to the connected devices. Real-Time messaging, appointment scheduling, reminders, notifications, and more… Smart Health 1on1 Mobile App is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

SmartHealth 1on1 provides improved patient engagement can result in better disease prevention, by giving patients the tools to self-monitor and change behavior; greater treatment success, based on increased compliance with lifestyle changes and therapy.

Smart Health 1on1s scalable platform offers APIs for developers. Hippa Secure Server to keep information protected and HL7 Compliant. Smart Health 1on1 makes it simple for integration.


Smart Health 1on1s Expectations improves patient education by collecting patient diagnostics Expectations will trigger


Expectations is simple to use with default setting. Please contact for more questions.


Smart Health 1on1 Platform automated response system recognizes parameters defined for end users


Notifications improve patient engagement  for better outcomes


Smart Health 1on1 Platforms integrations via APIs streamlines productivity for better results and patient engagement


For More Questions Contact Our Tech Department.

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Connected Devices

New CPT Codes provide additional reimbursement opportunities for remote monitoring of patient health data

Blood Pressure

Weight Scale

Pulse Ox